The AMS 2000


Refining 20 years of progress in the BAIID industry, our parent company, Guardian Interlock, has developed the industry’s most advanced design for your use.

Sleek design

Our apparatus fits into your vehicle without taking over. Its sleek, ergonomic design means convenience for you, and its accurate, reliable systems mean clear data for our technicians and the state.

Incredible convenience


Our unique detachable handset allows you to simply remove the unit from your vehicle when it needs serviced.  By maintaining an operating system apart from your vehicle, we save you the effort and expense of having the whole thing towed to a service center for a simple recalibration.

A clear service reminder feature updates you every time the interlock device turns on, and its easy-connect USB capability maximizes our time in downloading information when you come in.

Superior service

Immediately following installation, every new user receives full training for the device to ensure comfort and efficiency. We also offer a toll-free hotline providing direct access to the knowledge of our technical and service personnel.