What is the Guardian Advanced Alcohol Monitor Device?

The Guardian Advanced Alcohol Monitoring Device is a state-of-the-art, alcohol-specific ignition interlock. It integrates breathalyzer technology with the ignition system of your vehicle to safeguard your driving.  This device is the culmination of over 20 years of ignition interlock experience.

How does the Guardian AMS2000 work?

We will install the AMS2000 into your vehicle’s electrical system.  When you’re ready to drive, you provide a simple breath test, and if our system detects a blood alcohol level over the predetermined limit, the car will not start.

Will my car shut down while driving?

No. Our interlock is only capable preventing the engine from starting; it never overrides the ignition once it is engaged.

What is the cost of the AMS2000 Interlock?

We realize that dealing with a DUI or DWI is extremely expensive, so we make every effort to limit the expense of your recovery. Contact one of our authorized service centers for a quote, or fill out this form and we will find the information you need.

Can I buy an Ignition Interlock Device?

No; interlock devices are regulated by the state of Kansas and are available for lease only.

How do I get started?

To be automatically connected with our national call center, call us at 800-499-0994. You’ll usually have an appointment within 24 hrs. Outside the 800 number zone? We can also connect you to an operator who will help you find your most convenient local service location.

At your ignition interlock pre-installation appointment, you’ll need to provide information such as any license restriction requirements, court documents, and motor vehicle requirements.  Remember, if you don’t have your license reinstated, you will not be able to drive your car out of our shop, so prepare to have a friend available.

Installation time is typically one hour.  We will have training videos, pamphlets and simulators ready for your use before you take to the road.

How soon can the interlock device be installed?


We normally have same-day interlock installation appointments available at all locations.

Can the AMS2000 detect anything besides alcohol?

This is the industry’s latest ignition interlock technology and it is alcohol-specific. Even trace amounts of alcohol present in your mouthwash, toothpaste, gum, etc. will register with the device.  However, our service personnel are ready to troubleshoot and teach you about common alcohol-related products to avoid before driving.

How does the state track my device?

We store all our data–including installation, monitoring, and removal reports–in a central data base.  You will have a copy of all service records. Most states also require that we supply this information to them on a regular basis. Your interactions with the ignition interlock device are all logged, and the law requires that we report all violations to the agency that suspended your license.

What do I do when my driving restrictions ends?

Terms of license reinstatement vary by county, so it’s wise to check with the agency responsible for your DUI conviction. We monitor your progress for the duration of your probationary period, then make a final appointment to remove the device and hand you your completion report.  Your car then reverts to its original ignition system and we wish you a safe driving future.

Who takes care of the state paperwork?

We do! All Guardian Interlock service centers send the appropriate documentation to the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles. Notification of both your installation and completion of the program are taken care of as part of our service to you.