Guardian: What motivates us

Kansas Guardian Interlock’s goal is to safeguard all drivers on the road and ensure public safety by monitoring the driving activities of convicted DUI offenders.

Interlock devices offer a practical alternative for everyone involved in the system.

Studies show that DUI re-arrest rates decrease by 66 percent among individuals who use the Guardian Interlock Device. Research also indicates that this rate continues to decrease so long as the device remains installed in the vehicle.

Why choose Kansas Guardian Interlock?

Kansas Guardian Interlock was founded on the principal that public safety is paramount, and driving privileges are worth preserving. When it comes to drunk driving, the best solution is prevention.

Our parent company, Guardian Interlock Systems, is the leading manufacturer of superior Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock devices (BIID). Their products promote safe driving habits and reinforce practices that will keep your license in good standing.

Dedication to quality

Guardian consistently out-performs competitors in industry-wide tests.

Highly regarded as an industry leader, Guardian Interlock Systems have developed interlock devices that not only meet but exceed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requirements.

Proof of progress

Our Responsible Driver Program monitors nearly 200,000 DWI offenders in more than 25 states. Studies have shown that Guardian users demonstrate a substantial reduction in repeat DUI offenses.