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Quality Ignition Interlock

When you get a DUI and are ordered to install an in-car breathalyzer, Kansas Guardian Interlock provides the nation’s most advanced ignition interlock device on the market for the price.

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We have service centers in Wichita, Kansas City and all over of Kansas. The Guardian Interlock is a detachable device that’s easily serviced without the base unit or a car, keeping your costs at a minimum.

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We will supply you with an Interlock Information Sheet along with the state documents to apply for modification of your current sentence with an interlock device. We’ll get you going!

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We help stop drunk driving, in its tracks

blog-5By introducing cutting-edge technology (DUI ignition interlocks) to control and monitor vehicles driven by convicted DUI offenders, we ensure public safety and allow offenders to remain productive members of society.

Studies show that DUI re-arrest rates decrease by 66 percent among individuals who use our ignition interlock breathalyzer device. Research also indicates that DUI re-arrest rate continues to decline the longer there is interlock ignition on the vehicle.

At Kansas Guardian Interlock, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. And we believe in protecting the safety of pedestrians and motorists. Thus, we have implemented a system that allows drinking and driving offenders to lawfully operate their vehicles under continuous supervision.


Call to be connected with our call center. They'll set an appointment and take your information. Please bring restriction requirements, court documents, and or motor vehicle requirements.